Sabine Rothmund

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Sabine is an illustrator from southern Germany.

After drawing all through her childhood she decided to study communication design with a focus on book design and illustration in Mainz. 1997 she graduated and started working as a freelance illustrator for an advertising agency and different book publishers. She gained experience in graphic design while working for a graphic design agency in Cologne and a company located in Mexico City.

Since returning to Germany in 2002 she lived in Tübingen with her husband and their three sons. She mainly illustrates books for various publishers but also creates her own small paper products such as postcards, invitations and other decorational paper goods.

Clients include: Cornelsen Verlag, Beltz & Gelberg, BELTZ Verlag, Maiconsulting, Usborne Publishing, Ravensburger Verlag, Morstadt Verlag, Design Design Inc., Carlsen Verlag, Coppenrath Verlag, Pioniergeist, Dressler Verlag, Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag, Tessloff Verlag, Penguin Junior Germany, Magination Press, Fischer Verlage

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