Wundergarden - a garden full of drawn imagination …

Wundergarden is a boutique illustration agency representing some of the best artists catering to a variety of markets. The agency was founded 2014 by Maria Bogade, an artist herself, with a strong love for art in many styles.

As an agency Wundergarden sees it's main role to support and establish artists. Some of the artists have been in the business for a long time and seek guidance in exploring new fields, others are merely getting started and need support in building their career from the ground up.

Wundergarden is a place for clients to find original styles and artists eager to go that extra mile to make your projects stand out.

For artists Wundergarden is a place of continued support and guidance. The agency is proud of each and every artist it represents and strives to make each artists's marvelous art get seen and enjoyed around the globe.

Art © Julia Walther

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