Isabelle Göntgen

Born in South Korea and raised in the Black Forrest in Germany, Isabelle studied Design in Pforzheim before working quite a few years as an art director in a big advertising agency. This time was needed in order to find out what really mattered to Isabelle – illustration.

Since 2006 she found her happiness in bringing carefully designed characters to live in funny and emotional situations.

Isabelle moved back to the Black Forrest with her family. When she is not illustrating she goes for hikes and relaxes in nature or invites friends over to her swabian-korean dinners.

Clients include: Kosmos Verlag, cbj/cbt Randomhouse, Wimmelbuchverlag, C.C.Buchner Verlag, Westermann Schroedel, Cornelsen, Klett, Aktion Mensch e.V., Faber Castell, Landesmuseum Württemberg, traffiQ Frankfurt am Main, Zweite Heimat, Züger Frischkäse, Arena Verlag, Edel Verlag, Ravensburger Verlag, DUDEN Kinderbuch, Tessloff Verlag, Loewe Verlag, Kaufmann Verlag

Cannes Lion Bronze, Red Dot Award, Eurobest Gold, Plaka Diva Silber, ADC Bronze

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